best bitcoin wallet
best bitcoin wallet

Eric Coin (STU)

At BTCMONK, we postulate that a decentralised system where the confidence lies in a network that is entirely free from corruption, customization and modification from deceitful sources in whole society. Until Blockchain came into existence, our vision had been a dream for years but today, we see our vision turning into reality. The sturdy commitment in our system constantly drives us to support great ideas in the domain of cryptocurrency and blockchain. We not only provide the necessary capital rush to accelerate great ideas but also bring together both the non-technical and technical expertise to enable a team to succeed in achieving its ideas and purposes for the betterment and future of complete human race.

How does it work?

ICO HuntingOur team of skilled analysts hunts for the top ICOs which have a huge scope in all major aspects and a team of experienced professionals
Due RigourOur in-house expert team does the required due rigour on several parameters to ascertain that top quality is reached to our users
Highly Discounted PriceAt the most suitable price, We bring these ICOs to you, which is discounted and lesser than the price stated on the own website of the listed ICO
ICO Token BuyingYou can purchase token as low as 0.01 BTC
Delivery of Token/CoinAs soon as you buy an ICO your coins/tokens will be reflected in your cryptocurrency wallet when the ICO team releases those coins as per its post ICO schedule
Our Priority your safetyTo ensure safety and security we have smart contracts that lock your funds safely in an escrow format on every purchase any ICO tokens.

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