How To Use Btcmonk

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Visit in your browser.

Click Onto SignUp Button. Fill all your details.

Click onto Next button, it will redirect you to Sign the Terms and Conditions policies, you will have to tick the I agree radio Button and also to verify that you are human being, click the Captcha button too. And after that click the Create Account Button.

Please check your EmailID for the verification of your mail ID.

You Will receive a mail from BTCMonk Bitcoin Exchange for verifying your EmailId by clicking onto the link given in the mail-id and also make sure you can note your Client Identification Number[5 Digit CI No.], so that you can even logged in to your account with EmailID/CI No. of your's.

After verifying your mailID, logged into your account with your mailID/CI No. and password.

After Clicking Login button, it will ask you to create security PIN[4-6Digit] for your account, always remember this PIN for your every transaction you made from BTCMonk.

After successfully creating PIN, Re-Login to your account and it will redirect you to Verification Page to upload your PAN and PhotoID.

If bymistakely it wont redirect you to Verification Page, at the Trade page, click onto Settings button there you will see UserInfo, in that Click onto KYC Verification/Upgrade.

Fill each and every details and upload your PAN and PhotoID. It will take 72hrs[Working Hours Max.] to verify your PAN and other details.

Once your Verification is done from the Admin end, you can start Buy/Sell bitcoins on BTCMonk.

How To Buy Bitcoins:

-On Trade Page click onto Deposit button, you can view your Bitcoin Address and the QR Code for the same, which is a public key to receive bitcoins from anyone.

-On Trade Page click onto Deposit button, then Click onto INR Deposit, get the account details of BTCMonk[i.e., Acc. No, Bank Name & IFSC Code] and make payment via IMPS/NEFT.

-Once payment done from any user's end, user need to provide the Amount and the Bank Reference Id, at INR Deposit section and Click the Submit Button.

-Within 4hours, your Reference ID and Amount is checked from the Backend Team and if its a Valid Transaction, then you can view your INR value in the Trade page at Your Balance section.

-After that with INR Balance, now you can able to Buy bitcoins worth of INR balance user has from INSTANT/LIMIT Buy/Sell.

-All you need to click onto Instant Buy/Sell, Click Buy, Enter the INR amount which is there in your INR wallet, and click onto Complete Button.

-After clicking onto Complete button, Bitcoins worth of your INR will be bought instantly.

How To Sell Bitcoins?

-Click onto Instant Buy/Sell on Trade page, select Sell and enter the amount of Bitcoins you wanted to Sell.

-Once you click onto Complete Button, INR worth of your Bitcoins will get in your INR wallet or at Your Balance Section.

How to withdraw the INR balance in Bank Account?

Goto Trade page, click onto Withdraw button, then Click onto INR Withdraw, enter the available INR amount and the Bank Account Details of User and Click Submit Button, INR from your BTCMonk will be credited to your Bank Account within 72hrs[Working hours Max].

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