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Referral Program


Referral Program:

If a new user is doing SignUp with a Referrer Code then following things both [SignUp User & Referrer Person] will get.

SignUp User will get instant Rs50[SignUp Bonus] worth Bitcoins on every SignUp with/without Referrer Code for new Users.

NOTE: Users cannot refer to themselves.

After Successful SignUp from a user, If user makes a Deposit of minimum 1000rs INR and buy Bitcoins worth of that amount from BTCMonk, then the Referrer & SignUp User both will get 100rs worth Bitcoins.

Again When SignUp User makes an Overall Deposit of more Rs100000, and Buy Bitcoins worth of it, both Referrer and SignUp user will get Rs500.

Now when the SignUp User do any Trade[Buy/Sell Bitcoins] then he/she will get charged 0.20%[Trading Fees] from BTCMonk.

On the above 0.20% Trading Fees, Referrer will get 25% worth of Bitcoins on the trading fees which SignUp User get on Every Buy/Sell for lifetime.

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